burko bear

I don’t know the story of how Burko came to be George and Nina’s son, or how Burko’s birthmother Mindi, his “Muumba,” came to be their family. What I do know is that no matter how cliché the saying, love indeed does make a family, and this family let love win. Bearing witness to their love and respect for each other, and the way in which they have made themselves a family, was powerful and moving. Actually it was bigger than that, it was something I felt in my chest and gut and have carried with me since that day. I am truly honored they trusted me to capture their family for them.

Oh and this, this song they wrote for Burko, and sang to him out in their backyard, it made me cry behind the camera…

Burko bear Burko bear

You're our Burko bear

 And we love you so,

no matter how big you grow

 And your Muumba's your North Star

She's with you wherever you are

 Burko bear Burko bear

You're our Burko bear.

xo, PQ