california road trip sessions

Posy Quarterman Photography, Our family is hitting the road after school gets out and driving down south, and back north, and stopping in between at a variety of beautiful places and friends homes, and.... I'm offering up a handful of sessions along the way, because, well how can I pass up the opportunity for family photos in Big Sur, or Yosemite, the Redwoods, LA, or my favorite place in California, Santa Barbara?! We'll be making pit spots in other pretty spots too like San Luis Obispo and Sonoma. I can only offer 1-2 sessions per location, so they'll be first come first serve. The fee is $850, includes all the edited digitals and a set of 3.5x5 proof prints, and is due at the time you book. I am stupid excited over this, I hope some of you are as well. Wahoo!