Documenting Your Life :: Portland, Oregon Family Photographer


Larissa did not call requesting a family portrait, she asked that I come to her family’s home and document their life in Portland; they were getting ready to move back to their native Australia and wanted to make a record of their life here. I assured her that I was up for the task, that what she was asking of me is why I do what I do. And here is what we did…
Baked bread, danced, read stories, colored, played ball, walked through their neighborhood, rode bikes, fed chickens, climbed trees, and visited their favorite gelato shop. We spent our time together going about their family’s favorite weekend activities, and we had so much fun!
Lewis Family 2
The Lewis family has lived all over the world, and their home is decorated with little memories of the places they have called home. As we were wrapping up our shoot, Larissa told me that when they return to Australia, their piece of Portland will be the images I captured for them. I don’t know that I can accurately explain how that made me feel, except to say that I will smile every time I think of that, every time I look at their photos and remember the little glimpse into their world that I was so lucky to be granted.
Lewis Family