Encourage Your Young Photographer! :: Portland, Oregon Child Photography

(You're going to have to click the image to enlarge it enough to read.)
When Melissa Favara contacted me for her article in Metro Parent’s July issue, I was delighted!  I love her column (Going Places with Ramona), and was honored that of all the family photographers in Portland, Melissa's editor suggested she talk to me.  How fun it is to see my name (and "sage" advice, ha!) in print, but even more fun is seeing Franny's.  She was so excited when I read it to her this morning; first she said “Posy Quarterman!” excitedly, but when I read the part about herself, she exclaimed “Franny? Franny!”  Melissa’s phone call came with perfect timing because just a few weeks beforehand, I had given Franny a camera to run around with.  In one of those we-live-for-this-moment parental moments, all snuggled up in my arms, Franny declared:  “Mama, when I grow up I want to be a ‘otographer like you.”  How could I not get her started?  Though in all honesty, she received her first camera just after she turned 2, one of those “indestructible” made-for-kids cameras.  It stunk.  The quality of photos was so lousy and it stopped working after a few months.  So now she’s walking around with a pretty decent point-n-shoot, and I have to say, I think she’s creating some mighty cute images!  See for yourself…
Her self portraits are my favorite, though the little vignettes of her world are pretty awesome too, and I just LOVE that photo of our shadows.  I followed my own advice and let her do her own thang while shooting - no direction from Mama, I promise!  (She's 3 1/2, if I gave her direction she would just go do the opposite thing anyway!)  Maybe I'm biased, but I think she's a good little 'otographer.

We picked up this book, Quincy the Hobby Photographer, at St John's Booksellers.  It is a guide to becoming a dog photographer and Franny loves all of the goofy dog photos inside.  I think she may have found her niche.