Family Portrait Time! :: Portland Family Photographer

What better a way to make up for not blogging for... too long, than with a super duper extra photo cram-packed post?!  Each of these family sessions from late summer could warrant their own blog post, but if I don't get the photos on here now you may never see them.  It is that  time of year again.  Are your toes cold?  Are you selecting which sweater to pull on?  Fantasizing about new boots?  No, maybe that's just me.  But you don't need a calendar, or me really, to tell you that fall is here.  And fall = busy time for family photographers.

Carson & Ruby, 3-year-old twins.  Too much fun to only share a few. 

Reading cousins. Love. 
So many newborns this summer! 
If you are looking at these photos thinking Woops!  We haven't had our family photographed this year...  consider this your reminder.  I have just a few October dates/times left and a few more than that in November.  The last date to schedule a session with an order turnaround before Christmas is November 20th.  I love this time of year; in addition to the colorful changes, the baking, the cozy crafting, and yes, the boots!, I thrive on the busy.  I really don't know what to do with myself if I'm not zipping through the weekends with one photo session after another.  And I really, really love catching up with all of you, seeing how your children and families have grown and changed.  Documenting your lives hovers around the top of my list of passions, and this time of year fully nourishes that passion.  
Calvin loves eggs.  Like LOVES them.  Isn't that just so cute?!
Can I tell you a secret?  His dad is whispering "applesauce!" in his ear.  Seriously.
These photos should make it clear that summer delivered.  Even if we didn't get much sun (we didn't!), we managed to capture a whole lotta love together me and you.  And  to those who I haven't seen yet this year, I'm sure it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I really hope to see you soon! 
xo, PQ