Family Portraits on Location

While I'm catching up on some fall blogging - wait, first I need to say this: I don't blog every session, I probably blog a quarter of my sessions so please don't be offended if your family doesn't land here. It has nothing to do with you, your kids, or your session, and everything to do with my time, or lack thereof, and what aspect of my work I am dedicating myself to with said time. After photo editing and order processing, returning calls and emails, I am really pushing forward with making blogging a priority, and I'm hoping the result is something like three quarters of my sessions ending up on here. Dig? Good. Okay, moving on... I took these photos last fall on a cold day, the kind of day when outside photos only last as long as the kids' fingers and noses do (cold pink noses only make for one or two cute photos). I like to start sessions at home, but I'm also totally down with getting outdoors, and when that just isn't an option, we have to get creative. I have photographed families at a bowling alley, art museum, ice cream shops, and cafes. If you've got a special place that your family loves to go, then I want to capture you there. Bustling coffee shops with big windows and yummy treats make for great photo settings, as you can see here. I wrote more about shooting on location in this little piecefor NW Kids a few months back.

Okay, so this one of Hazel was taken at home before we left but it was just too cute not to share.
Unrelated to shooting on location but totally worth mentioning, the awesome family you see in these photos recently opened MusikHaus PDX. I'll take every chance I get to give a shout out to a local business I love, particularly when I know and adore the people behind the place. So here's my shout: CHECK OUT MUSIK HAUS PDX, maybe your kid wants to get funky on the guitar this summer!