Family Portraits, Portland Style

Fischer and Liam are thirteen. Their mom, Maureen, hoped we could capture their family together before life shifted from middle school to high school, because high school means college and college means... away. I could sympathize. When Franny started preschool I immediately went into a panic about when she'll leave us for college. Ridiculous, maybe, but as I saw it starting "school" was the beginning of the end. But I digress (I am the Queen of the River Digress, but you'll see that if you stay here a while.) Ahem, as I was saying, Maureen wanted me to capture her kids while they were still kids, and her family of four, authentically. She hired me because my work, she wrote, has a "distinctive Portland feel." I wanted to hug her through the computer when I read those words. In the same email I read that they have a fort in their backyard built by dad, Bill, that Fischer just started a blog, and Liam has a special voice he uses only with their dog, Zoe. She wrote that they love to watch the Daily Show together, and wanted to incorporate their love of biking as a family into their photo session. Add to all of that some February sunshine, kids old enough to do what I ask of them, an excitable labradoodle, and a walk through the neighborhood, and we were able to capture just what they wanted, and have fun in the process. File this one under: I love this job (again, and again and again).