father & son trip to wayne's barber shop

When I heard that Ryan and Will regularly visit Wayne's Barber Shop together for father-son haircuts, I pretty much wanted them to drop what they were doing and go get haircuts right now! It ended up taking a while for this to come together, and I was feeling very impatient about it, but when it did finally happen a few weeks ago, it proved to be so worth the wait.

Ryan nailed it when he said “Wayne is an old sturgeon in the St. Johns deeps.”  I love that. I love that it can be said about Wayne's, and about St. Johns; this neighborhood is an old sturgeon in the Portland deep. I love that Wayne sees the value in what he is doing for the community and has no plans to retire.  I love that you can get your neck shaved with a straight razor while talking with (and hearing the stories of) someone who has lived ninety years. My dad went to Wayne's on his most recent visit to Portland, and came home shaking his head and saying things like: He learned to cut hair in the Navy just like your grandfather! He was married for 65 years! He's been in St Johns since the '40's! You can learn much more about Wayne in this St Johns Review article, and by watching this great video of him, though what you should really do is go pay Wayne a visit.

That's Wayne in his shop for a Nikon ad that ran in LIFE Magazine in the early '90s.

And here's one more cute one of Will because, well, he's just so cute.

Happy Father's Day to Wayne, Ryan, and all the other awesome dads out there!

xo, PQ

PS- That flag-waving photo,  I couldn't have dreamed that one up if I'd tried, it borders on too much, but the flag sits on the mirror and little Will just loves to hold it while he's getting his haircut. And so, I give you, the most patriotic photo I've ever taken.