Happy LUUUUVVVVV Day Ya'll!

Valentine 9x9
So you all know how much I love YOU and love my work and just plain love love LOVE, right?  In early January I had an idea for a way for your children to express their love to friends and family.  Well, actually,  a good friend is responsible for planting the seed for which this idea bloomed.  She asked if we (that would be me and Shanna Schlitz, my uber talented graphic designer buddy) would be designing Valentine's Day cards.  I said "nope" and left at that.  Except I didn't.  A day or two later I had this great idea to hold an event at Black Wagon for the big LOVE day, an event which would result in printed valentines for little cuties to send to loved ones on this BIG DAY OF LOVE.  I begged Shanna to design something on the quick, so I would have time to promote.  I also asked my friend who got this ball rolling, if she could quickly craft up a felted heart backdrop.  Oh, and I emailed Black Wagon, of course, and they jumped on board.  1, 2, 3 and... Back up!  I also contacted Robots Love Cupcakes and asked them to contribute some sweet treats for the kiddos.  And the result of all this collaborating between talented, fabulous, lovely people?  Well here you have it, super duper darling valentines for 14 of Portland's most lovable families.  
The ladies at Black Wagon were incredibly helpful, easy to work with, and most importantly, FUN.  The cupcakes from Robots were delicious and adorable and well-loved by the kids and their parents alike.  And the kids, oh the kids, just look how fabulous they were!  
Don't worry if you missed out on this event, we will most definitely be doing it again next year.

Happy Valentine's Day!