In Like a Lion

Apparently the saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" refers to what Mother Nature provides on March 1st as a prediction for how the month will end. One might argue that this morning's dusting of snow, not even enough to cancel preschool, was more of a meow than a roar; that March came in like a lion cub, or even a fuzzy domesticated kitten. But I'm calling this a lion by Portland's standards, and I'm going to go ahead and plan on a nice warm beautiful end of March.
This year has been busier than I expected based on years past  - this is supposed to be the "slow season" -but I have not been slow. I have just three photo session slots left in March, and a few more than that in April. If you are thinking of booking a spring time photo session, please do it soon! Sunshine, cherry blossoms, and good times are ahead, Mother Nature tells me so. 
Happy March, Lovelies!