not perfect, just perfectly YOU

I am totally down with thoughtfully outfitting the family, conjuring up dreamy locations, planning, primping, and prepping, as long as everyone is on board with all of that flying out the window when we add kids and Mother Nature to the mix. Children stick out their tongues. Busy parents forget to pack diapers. Potty accidents happen. Newly walking babies refuse to sit down. Sibling kisses lead to wrestling matches. Vintage dresses rip. Controlled chaos is the name of this game, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, how boring would these photos be if everyone was just sitting and smiling at the camera, right?

What I mean is this: Do not be fooled by what appears “composed and collected”; remember the saying “there is more than meets the eye” exists with reason. Go ahead and plan your photo session, pick your style, give it thought, but please let go of your expectations for perfection. Real life is all about MacGyver-ing a diaper, re-fashioning ripped dresses, rolling with grumpy moods, looking beyond bumps and bruises, avoiding looming wasp nests (yup, that happened!), and children running wild and free. It’s the daily grind of being a parent. And I hope you can see in these photos, the great beauty in the mistakes and mishaps. Because when the sun sets at the end of the day, it's all about making memories.

xo, PQ