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old timers

I would have to dig through archive drives to get the accurate number, but it is safe to say that I have photographed this family, as it has grown and changed, more than a dozen times. The older girls, Mia and Sophie, come running and shouting my name when I arrive, and my heart swells. I can relax at the kitchen counter and sip a latte, made for me by dad, Mark, while mom, Leni, does some last minute primping; I can rummage through the fridge if I haven't managed to get a meal in between sessions, I can assist in changing the children's clothing or preparing their lunch, and I have, done all of those things. We have gotten so comfortable that I have to remind myself from time to time that I am a professional and these are my clients. I have yet to arrive in my yoga pants, but I'm guessing Leni wouldn't bat and eyelash if I did. The relationship we've built over time and the level of comfort we all have with each other, allows me to really hang back and capture this family as they truly are.
Sophie, arms wide open to welcome her baby brother, Aedan. This girl is such a lover.
Mia is saying "don't cry Baby, you look like a beautiful princess!"
(Don't worry, I asked Leni's permission to post this one.)
I wonder if there is a way to search how many times I've said this, but here I go again:
I am so lucky.