Our Year

You invite me into your homes and your world so often, I thought it would be nice to end the year by inviting you into ours. Here is what 2011 looked like for us. 
We said a fond farewell to long hair and, gulp, pigtails.
An unexpected snow day.
 April brought us bunnies.
In May my girl discovered Annie and spent a good six to eight weeks only wearing red, singing the songs (constantly) and requiring us to refer to her as "Annie," which, thankfully, is very close to her actual name.
First day of the St Johns Farmer's Market, tired by ready.
In June we spent a week in lovely Vancouver, BC.
All summer long I came home from photo sessions to heart-bursting father/daughter scenes like this. 
Franny's first real person drawing (looks like a lion to me) was not of mom or dad, nor herself, but of our beloved nanny, Abbi. There are no less than three A's on there, just in case you can't tell it's Abbi.
We did Pickathon and loved it. 
She looks for him every morning when we come downstairs and snugs him like this until he just can't take it anymore. (Please ignore the dirty kitchen floor.)
My girl turned 4.
2011 was without question the year of the unicorn.
Our Thanksgiving princess.
On December 1st I turned 35 and the sun shined all day, and pretty much all month, with rain holding off until the 25th. December 2011 was my favorite December in recent memory. 
Christmas Eve. Why yes, there is a fire burning, on our television. Twenty points for the first person to spot the hidden unicorn in this photo.
Christmas morning. 
Thirteen years ago I went home from a New Year's Eve party with this guy. That worked out pretty well, I'd say.
And that's it. 
I hope you come back for more in 2012, I'm really excited to see what it brings us.
xo, pq