springtime in alameda

(psssst, do you see what happened right there? I got five pairs of human eyes and a cat looking at me at the same time, dudes!)

I love the way I was able to capture the beauty, love, and controlled chaos that is life with three kids under five. And that's all I'm gonna say because it's Friday and the sun is peaking through the clouds and I need to get myself outside to celebrate this first day of SUMMER!

Happy weekend, ya'lls!

xo, PQ


stories, smiles, home, trees, swings, walks, waffles, love.

photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true

Jacques-Henri Lartigue

I do not have the right words for this post today; My bowl is full of post vacation catch up, with a pinch of getting a cold, a heaping spoonful of summer vacation non-schedule, and just a splash of too much coffee, in there for good measure. I wish I could accurately convey to you how freaking awesome this session, this family, this everything was - it was most certainly a "stars aligned" two hours, and yet, I'm not pulling all the right things out of my congested brain (you should see how many typos I've corrected just in these few sentences!). So I'm doing something I almost never do, I'm dropping a quote on you, because I love this quote, and because it is always my goal to capture passing moments honestly and authentically, but this session just feels like the one to nail that quote to. And because I've been dying to share these photos with you and just can't keep them to myself any longer. I'm thinking they speak for themselves without all the right words. I hope you think so too.

xo, PQ