amy grace

If you know Amy Grace you'll understand why I am struggling a bit to write this, and really wishing I could channel her spirit and gift for words (or just have her write this herself!). If you don't know Amy, just stop right now and go take in her words and marvel at her beautiful images, give yourself time to really absorb it all. No really, go ahead, I hope to see you back here in a few hours.

Amy is a force: a force of love and kindness, with a great depth of authenticity. Amy is the real deal.

You know how you follow people online for years, you "know" them through social media, but you've never spent any real life moments with them so you just don't really know them. And then you meet them and they are all the wonderful things you hoped they'd be and then some? That's what meeting Amy was like. She picked me up from the airport with her sweet shaggy-haired boy in the backseat, and I liked her instantly. I had already liked her, actually, but now I knew I'd been right all along. By the end of the afternoon we spent together, picking her bright-as-sunshine daughter up from summer camp, eating yummy bowls of spicy Korean beef together, driving around the sloping hills of the Marin Headlands, and romping around a fancy hotel room in San Francisco - telling stories, sharing secrets, getting to know each other, and laughing A LOT - I loved her, and her two children who are somehow completely their own people while also being perfect clones of their mama. Three pieces of one heart, these three. I am better with loves on my team of real world friends.

xo, PQ