summer evening magic




Summer rituals: after-dinner strolls to the neighborhood park, splashing in the fountain, a backyard family jamboree, ICE CREAM, tree climbing, sun coming through the windows long after bedtime... these are the things that we hope are burned in our children's memories. They are what give summertime that extra spark of magic. And it is these beautiful bits of the everyday that I love to capture; they are the ordinary-yet-extraordinary moments that I strive to see, record, and savor. And this here evening in August, in the home/yard/park of Archer B. and his adoring fan club, was just the right mixture of familiar and exceptional. Summertime magic in every sense of the word folks.

xo, PQ


Lesley and I kept joking about going out for margaritas together. And getting our little unicorn-loving girls together. And shopping for her next photo session, together. And so we made it all happen. One fabulous evening in July, I met Lesley at my favorite local place to shop, Consign Couture, where we set the girls up in the backyard with hula hoops and coloring books, both of which were ignored as they were too enraptured with a game of being unicorns (naturally). Tamara (the owner) used her mighty fashion skills to find a few perfect looks for Lesley, and I may or may not have provided a pitcher of margaritas. It was incredibly fun and if I could make it work, I would totally do that for anyone who asked. (It was also what triggered the idea of the Consign Couture PQP party, which was ridiculously fun and will definitely happen again. Cut to a month later, on a gorgeous evening in August at a stunning vineyard, and here is lovely Lesley, with her beautiful children, doing the thang they do so naturally. Love love love love love love love love love LOVE.


Thanks for putting up with all the superlatives, folks, when I'm in a good mood I tend to fling them about. And how could I not be in a good mood, I mean, these people, the love, this work of mine, THIS WEATHER!!!

Sad wet September really kicked the summer unicorns right out of me, it wasn't pretty around here, and by here, I mean my brain; my level of negativity was on a frightening level you guys. But Augtober is rocking my world and giving me all kinds of hope for mankind. And fall. [winky smoochy kiss face]

xo, PQ

karissa and her crew

For five years I've been photographing this lovely family in the fall; we're always well bundled up, and often dodging rain clouds. After last year's session Karissa said One of these days we're going to do a summer session with sunshine and overgrown fields and bubbles... Jump to one morning the following August and, done, done and done!


But, ahem, it's fall now, and it's fuh-reak-ing amazing out. If this is how October is going to be then October is going to be my favorite month. Hello, Gorgeous. I know we can't be sure how much longer it will stick around, but I'm shooting for the stars and hoping it lasts through the first half of November. I know, I know, but a lady can dream, no?! I've still got a few openings on my calendar for November so if you are dreaming of foggy mornings, colorful leaves, sweaters, boots, flannels... and maybe dodging rain clouds with me (I'm really good at it!), give me a shout and let's make some fall magic happen.

xo, PQ