cargo a go go

So there was this one time I met some of my favorite people downtown at Cargo on an evening when the temperature was pushing 100. We ogled all the treasures, danced in the sunlight, bought paper fans, and cooled off in front of their massive wind machine (okay so just a really big fan, but I think it's more fun to call it a massive wind machine, and so I will!). And then we rolled outside and found more goodness on the streets of downtown Portland. Lux took instant pics of me taking pics of her, and rode a bicycle-built-for-1 like it was built for 2. We hopped in the car but didn't get home without making a pit stop for some frozen treats. We played in their yard with the chickens until the sun went down. Oh and I shot some rolls of film, because they asked me to. And it was fun. And I crazy love the results. But luckily I also love the digital results, because I'm not ready to jump back into that film world entirely. I'll share the digitals first...

and the film (tri-x 400 in the F100, for those who care to know)

xo, PQ