Having Fun :: Week 2 of construction

What will eventually serve as my workspace is currently acting as a somewhat dangerous but extremely fun playground for Franny. The biggest challenge has been that she wants to be out there all the time; she thinks of things she "needs" to tell Bruce when he arrives in the morning, and pleads with us to let her play out there as soon as they've left for the day. (Worry not, although I'm sure the contractor would prefer we keep her out of there entirely, she is NEVER out there unattended, and we always leave it as we found it.) She's having so much fun "helping"...
and playing,
is feeling proud of her "accomplishments,"
 and is being thoroughly entertained.  
I'm pretty sure we've never watched an entire episode of Bob the Builder, but can say with confidence that having Bruce the Builder and his team, live action in our backyard, is far more entertaining than any t.v. show.
I took these last two with my phone, so yeah, the quality isn't great, but they were too fun not to share!

Breaking Ground

What you are looking at is the future home of Posy Quarterman Photography, Inc., or what my husband refers to as "Rudy Quarterman Industries" (Matt and Franny represent the Rudy sect). The top two photos were taken on Friday (with my phone). Our fence was moved to make room for what will be an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unity) by late summer. A two story structure with a small living space for guests, and a loft lit by skylights which will serve as my office. I dream that someday clients will be able to place print orders in person. I see white walls and lots of light, shelves of books and old cameras, a wall of framed prints and photos. I'm realizing as I type this that I'm not accurately communicating how excited I am. There are freaking unicorns leaping over rainbows just above that fence, Dudes, you just can't see them. I am bursting with excitement over this project. Wait, that's not quite right. I'm not actually looking forward to our backyard being torn up, to listening to construction noise while I work for the next six months, to the backyard becoming a giant mud pit, or to the fact that I can't let Franny run freely through the yard. No, not at all excited for the project. But the end result has me on a rainbow high. 
Last evening while I was cooking dinner Matt mentioned the tradition of ceremonially breaking ground with a golden shovel. He said "golden shovel" and I heard "photo op." Also, Franny looooooves gold right now (unicorn horns). She loves mud too, and helping, so I knew she'd be game. The construction peeps were scheduled to come bright and early this morning, my girl was tired and hungry, and after scouring the basement we discovered that we don't own any gold spray paint. How can this be? Despite my temptation to scrap dinner, order a pizza and rush out for paint, I resisted that urge. A rusty shovel would have to do. I put all the burners on low, grabbed the camera, and let Franny officially break ground. 
I'm hoping you don't mind coming along for this ride; there are sure to be blog posts loaded with construction photos throughout the building process. This may not be what you would expect from a family photographer's blog, but as I said, I'm 'cited. Also, I think diggers are cool.