betty & lily

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants. ~ Johnny Depp

It isn't fair to make this post just about Lily and her pup, Betty, because their doting parents are also incredibly lovely people whom I enjoyed my time with tremendously. But, I mean, come on, those two girls are clearly the stars of the show in their world.

xo, PQ

the mahaffy clan

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It doesn't get better than this, folks.

xo, PQ

cargo a go go

So there was this one time I met some of my favorite people downtown at Cargo on an evening when the temperature was pushing 100. We ogled all the treasures, danced in the sunlight, bought paper fans, and cooled off in front of their massive wind machine (okay so just a really big fan, but I think it's more fun to call it a massive wind machine, and so I will!). And then we rolled outside and found more goodness on the streets of downtown Portland. Lux took instant pics of me taking pics of her, and rode a bicycle-built-for-1 like it was built for 2. We hopped in the car but didn't get home without making a pit stop for some frozen treats. We played in their yard with the chickens until the sun went down. Oh and I shot some rolls of film, because they asked me to. And it was fun. And I crazy love the results. But luckily I also love the digital results, because I'm not ready to jump back into that film world entirely. I'll share the digitals first...

and the film (tri-x 400 in the F100, for those who care to know)

xo, PQ




the rest of their gang

I blogged a while back with Eli's senior photos but failed to mention that I photographed his entire family that day. I don't think this post needs many words; the photos themselves reveal just how much fun these guys are.
not to be out-shined by the boys, I turned around to see this
Mark and his daughters, Jaeger and Keegan
Mark and Kessina
You know, posed portraits have their value, but this is where the true story is captured:

Eli :: Portland, Oregon Senior Portraits

Eli will graduate from MLC, my alumni, in June. Coincidentally, he lives in an apartment building  (now condos) where I spent much of my childhood. The teacher putting together the yearbook at MLC, Lewis, has been there since before I started nearly 30 years ago. MLC is not your average public school and Eli didn't want standard senior portraits. I won't risk sounding cheesy and call it kismet, but we were certainly a good pairing. He picked the spot, and I shot while dodging cyclists, and runners. We got heckled by a boat full of drunks. The sun shined. I'd call that a good way to spend an afternoon.
Yes, another session found me shooting through a bike. I don't think this will become my thing, I just happened to have back to back sessions with the request of incorporating a bike. Eli built this awesome Fuji Royale with his own two hands, and I felt it required some serious showcasing. I hesitated to post the photo here so shortly after the other, but I like this shot and I think he will too. 
Happy weekend!