we love kindergarten!


No tears on her part and I held mine until she was out of sight; she LOVED it, didn't want it to end and was ready to go back the next day. She is seated next to the only friend she has in class, she built a robot with a new friend, one classmate doesn't like snap peas but F still wanted them in her lunch the next day, she didn't read my lunch box note, she wrote the sentence "this is a sunset," she has an art teacher with curly hair and LOTS of freckles, and her teacher taught her the expression "capiche?!"

I could not be more pleased. SHE could not be more pleased. We both love kindergarten. Yay (PHEW)!

xo, PQ





what our summer memories are made of

bike rides ::  swim lessons  :: blueberries by the pound :: monkey bars (calluses!) :: home made ice cream specialty ice cream grocery store ice cream milkshakes ice cream sandwiches gelato shaved ice :: camping fishing dancing  tree-climbing exploring ::  building cardboard rocket ships bamboo teepees lego castles epic train tracks recycled cameras new friendships ::  afternoons filled with sprinklers and best friends :: playground merry-go-rounds :: new friends :: macklemore journey katy perry daft punk :: sidewalk chalk :: hotel bed jumping :: seattle with pop-pop ::  yard work car washing gardening cleaning fixing with daddy ::  counting new freckles :: saying goodbye to preschool :: stories in the hammock :: bluegrass on a farm :: birthday parties :: dinner on a bamboo covered back patio with beautiful friends :: temporary tattoos neon toenails hair flowers :: instant film digital 35mm and lots of phone pics...   

I’ll be honest, I’m not ready for summer to be over. I’ve got the end-of-summer blues and it’s all I can do to not lie around moping about it. I am clinging to summer, like, well, a scared kindergartner on her first day of school, and BAM there it is. I love summer and I hate to see it go, but it’s really what’s coming that I’m dreading. And it’s coming in three short days. Yes I’m excited for Franny to start kindergarten, yes I know she’ll love it, she’ll thrive, it’s a fun new phase, blah blah blah. You know what else it means? It means we are here. SCHOOL. This is a new chapter in our lives that ends with her going off to college and dammit if typing that didn’t just start the waterworks again. I didn't expect to take it this hard;  it's a good thing, a milestone, it's exactly what we're supposed to be doing, but I'm gonna need a mother-lovin' unicorn to fly me out of that school on Monday morning because I'M NOT READY. But she is, and this isn't about me, so here we go...

xo, PQ

the chorus

“It was one of those summers you're nostalgic for even before it passes.”

We were in the thick of winter when I read this quote (by Kevin Barry from the book City of Bohane) and yet I knew even then that this would be one of those summers for us.

When the talented and soulful photographer, Amy Grace, asked me to contribute to this month's edition of her incredible project The Chorus, on the subject of changes, I knew just what I was going to talk about. If you aren't familiar with the project, click on over and give yourself some time to dig deep. It is a beautiful collection of photographs and words from an array of very talented photographers around the world, each month focusing on a different subject. I am beyond honored to have added my voice to this chorus.

I hope you're having a memory-making summer worthy of nostalgia.

xo, PQ



she loves to move, she loves to groove, she loves a lot of things.

I've been eyeing this pink wall for a while. Yesterday I got Franny on board with this red balloon idea by promising a hot cocoa date at the end. I also let her wear her gold shoes without socks (we battle over socks all winter long). We got all dressed and ready and headed out the door, only to discover it was raining. We drove to the pink wall anyway, with hopes that the rain would let up. We sat and stared at the wall through wet windows, we listened to Journey (how many 5-year-olds love Journey?!), and then we scrapped the idea and headed to our neighborhood play space. I won't lie, I totally pouted, cursed Mother Nature, and asked how it's possible I've lived in this city for so long and still manage to get bummed by the weather. But of course we moved on, had a fun morning with friends, and then when the rain finally did let up, we jumped in the car and headed to the pink wall, only to find the parking lot in which it is contained, was gated and locked for the afternoon. Booo. EXCEPT, we ran into our old favorite mail carrier, who told us just to buzz the building next door and ask them to open the gate. So I did. And you know what? After a somewhat puzzled response (why do you want to be let into our parking lot?) they opened the gate. And for five glorious minutes Franny danced around the parking lot with her happy heart and I snapped away.  After which, as promised, we headed to a favorite local cafe for hot cocoa. When the barista saw Franny he said "I have the perfect cup for this situation" and then he made her a hot cocoa in a rainbow and unicorn mug, with a flipping heart in the cocoa foam. Franny and I just stared at it speechless for a moment. I mean, seriously, it doesn't get more Frantastic than that. Let me tell you, I've got some heart bursting love for this little neighborhood of ours, you guys, and that little foam heart just about pushed me overboard into crazy love for this community we have.

Oh but I have more to share. First, speaking of this community, one of my favorite local stores, where I buy pretty much all of my clothes, asked if they could feature me on their blog today. I have to tell you, I felt pretty embarrassed talking about my style. But I had fun with it, and I love the end result. Check it out here. (Much love to my uber talented friends who take nice pictures of me. Smooches to Yan, Shelby and Kati!)

Also on the topic of local love, all you Supportland card holders out there, don't forget it's double points rewards day. I don't think I said that right, just head over to your account and claim some killer rewards while your points are doubled (just for today, because we local business owners LOVE you).

And the last thing I am excited to share with you this morning: there is a serious love fest happening over at Let the Kids and I'm thrilled that one of my favorite photos from 2012 is being featured among other greats with techniques for capturing authentic moments of LOVE.

And that, my dears, is the end of this here Valentine's Day post. I hope your heart is happy, your toes are warm, and your speakers are blasting hair metal.

xo, PQ