Mavis Turns One

I was going to write about how much I love photographing birthday parties, but I have already done that (here and here and here). Just to be clear: I REALLY LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING BIRTHDAY PARTIES. Moving on.  

 Autumn is One Crafty Mama. She’s also a blogger, who just so happened to already blog about this big day. You can read it here.

Preschooler-style height comparison. Is EVERYTHING a competition at this age? It sure seems so. I've been calling it the "st" stage - I'm talleST, firST, fasteST, strongeST, oldeST... Hmm, it seems this is going to be a stream of conscious blog post. Alrighty then, moving on...
 Step off my tater tot, Cuz.
Autumn may have said hiring me was her best party idea ever, and I can't really argue with that, but I'm gonna give her credit for her second best idea: hiring The Balloon Guy. Seriously, this guy is crazy just in the way you want your birthday party entertainment to be. He kept the kids completely entertained throughout the party, while their parents sipped beers and chatted. We cannot underestimate the power of parents being given the time to talk and drink a beer, right? Right. He also sent them home with amazing party favors, he even sent me home with one for Franny. His balloon creations were the best I've seen. 
Second. Best. Idea. EVER. 

 Favorite photo of the party. I love capturing these little moments.
 Yep, the guy juggles too. 

  Oh Mavis, how I heart your chubby cheeks and serious expressions.

 (this one is just for you, Kati)

I'll get in trouble if I say cutest family ever, so I'll just say this: I freaking ADORE these people.
Happy birthday, Sweet Mavis.