Ari's Rockin' to the Moon 4th Birthday Party

Back in April, I know, I know, I'm a bit behind, with no good excuse, well plenty of excuses but you don't need to hear them.  Aren't I so good at digressing?  Ahem, back in April this gorgeous, hilarious, sweet sweet boy turned 4, and his amazingly cool parents not only hosted an incredible music and space themed party, but they hired me to document it for them.  I know, cool right?!
As always, we started with a little mini session with just the family.  These photos were taken just outside of Mississippi Pizza, where the festivities took place. 
They made their own rockets 
and Ari's dad made him a rocket cake.  I told you!  Ah-may-ziiiiiing!
Happy [late, late, LATE] birthday, Space Cowboy.