In the Woods of Hood :: Portland, Oregon Family Photographer

Christy started out as a client somewhere around two years ago;  I am lucky to now call her a friend, a dear close friend, a trusted peer, and a cheerleader!  Like I said, lucky!  So when Christy told me her whole family would be here in August and wanted to hire me to photograph them in the woods on Mt. Hood, you might say I was a little giddy.  Or a lot. 
 I had to resist the urge to name this post "Damn! I love this family!!"  I really, really do.
I've been photographing Petra Blueberry since she was in the womb.  I like to think we have a special bond.  Seriously, if I could spread her on toast like butter and eat her up I would.  Woops, I mean like vegan margarine, sorry Christy. 
Her big sister, Eleanor is equally as awesome and is on my daughter's short list of favorite people.  This photo of her and her heart-shaped leaf is a great example of why I infrequently pose people or tell them what to do.  She raced over to this leaf, hollered at us to come see, and I snapped two photos, one of the top of her head looking at the leaf, and this one as she looked up at me.  Then I asked her to hold the leaf out for me, and posed her a bunch with the leaf.  I'll be honest, those photo aren't great.  This one though?  This one I love.
Cousins!  Teamwork!  Cuteness times three!
 Eleanor and Petra's cousin Annika with her parents, all the way in from New York.  I was excited to finally meet, and photograph, these folks.
I love this; I don't know what you see, but I see Miss Eleanor, rule-following and obliging, exasperated with the antics of her ever-so-unruly little sister.   Let me be clear, Eleanor is an extremely patient and kind big sister, older cousin and friend,  but she knows I have  the mission of getting a photo for Grandma with her three girls, and she also knows Petra is going to make it... FUN!
Hello authentic family portrait!
 Petra and Grandpa.  Squeeeeeee!
I'm not kidding, I want to eat her up.