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I love photographing people in the comfort of their own homes, but I'm always down for a adventure that has me shooting in a less traditional setting. This being the session of the family behind the force that is Supportland (Katrina, Michael, Daphne and Zucca) it seemed only appropriate the we do something totally Portland (hello Portland Flea I'm talking to you). And after pining over the School House Electric catalog it occurred to me that the place has gorgeous light, every inch of it is photo-worthy, and they're on the Supportland network, so it just seemed like the perfect home-away-from-home for these folks. We had a stupid amount of fun on this day and I am beyond thrilled with the results.

*     *      *

In other news, you guys, it's November. We have officially arrived at the season of needing an indoor location for photos. When home isn't an option I am always willing to think outside the box with you; I love the creative challenge of coming up with a location that suits your family and works for photos. And even though we are nearing the end of Christmas Card Crazytown scheduling, I have had a handful of people need to reschedule their sessions this month to later in the year and have a couple spots left that will guarantee a mid-December turnaround. So if you thought you were too late for fall family photos, or maybe you were just waiting for the rain to set in for a very Northwesty photo session (ha!), we are officially here. Oh and while we're talking scheduling, I only have a couple December sessions available but would love love love to do a tree cutting/decorating/celebrating-winter session with a few of you.

Oh hey I just looked out the window and I see blue sky, fluffy clouds, and the sun, on November 2nd, what the whaaaat?!

xo, PQ

oregon coast family portraits

GabrielBeachBlog_001GabrielBeachBlog_032GabrielBeachBlog_031GabrielBeachBlog_030GabrielBeachBlog_029GabrielBeachBlog_028GabrielBeachBlog_027GabrielBeachBlog_026GabrielBeachBlog_025GabrielBeachBlog_024GabrielBeachBlog_023GabrielBeachBlog_022GabrielBeachBlog_021GabrielBeachBlog_020GabrielBeachBlog_019GabrielBeachBlog_018GabrielBeachBlog_017GabrielBeachBlog_016GabrielBeachBlog_015GabrielBeachBlog_014GabrielBeachBlog_013GabrielBeachBlog_012GabrielBeachBlog_011GabrielBeachBlog_010GabrielBeachBlog_009GabrielBeachBlog_008GabrielBeachBlog_007GabrielBeachBlog_006GabrielBeachBlog_005GabrielBeachBlog_004GabrielBeachBlog_003GabrielBeachBlog_002 Cannon Beach, August 2013, super gray and somewhat chilly day at the coast with threats of thunderstorms and big black clouds rolling in. In other words, a perfect day for an Oregon Coast family photo session. Do these photos make you want an autumnal version of your own? Well you're in luck because I'll be in Cape Meares on October 19th and I'm offering up just one session that day. Can't you just picture it? A cute beach cabin, your family snuggled up on the couch with mugs of cocoa and a big cozy blanket across your laps, kids working on a puzzle on the floor in front of a window overlooking the beach, a walk, maybe even a rainy one, through the beachy woods to the adorable stubby lighthouse. I hear there's even a secret pirate's cove with ropes for swinging and hidden treasure. Hit me with an email if you want to make it happen. xo, PQ