mother's day with the dimoffs, year 2

Maybe you'll remember that Kati and I spent last Mother's Day together, driving for seven hours to shoot film of each other's families in gorgeous (and slightly splintery) hills in Washington? It was fun and beautiful and entirely exhausting, but in the best way. This year... well we just didn't have it in us. We concocted some plans that may or may not play out next year, but Mother's Day 2014 found us at Portland Nursery, where we bought a wagon's worth of lovely succulents, luscious ferns, a few smelly herbs, and some fancy flowers. We casually snapped a few photos, took the kids out for ice cream, and then ditched them with the dads and went to a movie. It was really a wonderful low-key day.

Thanks to Kati for these last two images (and all the other super lovely shots you captured)! So excited to have some updated profile page photos!