mother's day adventuring with the dimoffs

My favorite Tuesday morning coffee date, Kati Dimoff, and I hatched a super plan for a photorific Mother's Day adventure: we'd meet early for coffees and sugary treats, load the kids in our cars and drive for nearly 4 hours to a super windy location in the Yakima Nation, rolling hills covered in tiny prickly grasses that cause invisible tear-inducing splinters, and shoot film of each other's families looking happy and beautiful. Fool proof plan, right? And yet, it worked! We vowed to each other via texts the night before that we would have low expectations, and that we wouldn't loose our patience with our kids -because what ruins Mother's Day faster than feeling like a crappy mom?!  So sure, we spent most of the day driving, but we were powered by sodas and cured meats and the ultimate driving playlist (compiled by none other than the Queen of the Mix Tape herself); we ate taco salads at a cheesy roadside Mexican diner, stopped to consult maps, examined a headless horse skeleton and baby coyote carcass, and even found an abandoned shack covered in caterpillars which required some serious investigation. Our kids and husbands [mostly] cooperated with the photo taking, there was minimal crying, only minor injuries, and Kati and I truly enjoyed ourselves. I'm fairly certain we'll make it an annual event, though maybe next year's location will be just a tad closer.

I wasn't brave enough to just shoot film, so this a mix of digital and film (and one iPhone shot there at the end, because come on, they're just so cute!).  Make sure you click on over to Kati's blog to see her pics too!