seattle grays

As far as I'm concerned summer begins on the first day of June and doesn't end until I've packed up the sandals, which hopefully is some point in mid-October (have I mentioned I love summer?!). Professionally, this summer has been made up largely, or more accurately, in part, with travel sessions, and these kicked off on June 1st in Seattle with the amazing Gray family (who also happen to be photographers, which is like extra sweet icing on top of the cake, or something better that doesn't give you a toothache). Melissa and I put our heads together about what would most authentically represent a day-in-the-Gray-life and came up with so many fun ideas we decided to do our best to check as many off the list as we could. And we did. PJs, eggs benedict, stories, snuggles, gardening, park/lake/ducks, a romp through the forrest behind their home, and a picnic tossed in there for good measure. And it was all things wonderful and beautiful and worthy of the this-is-why-I-do-this feelings. And this, my friends, was just the first day of summer. I have SO much more to share with you (I'm pretty sure I still have some spring to blog, but let's just pretend I didn't say that...). It has been one helluva summer and it isn't even close to being over yet (shush!). I'll be back soon with more. And a big announcement. Wahoo! xo, PQ