spiderman's family


I could write many paragraphs about how much I adore this family. Jacob and Franny went to preschool together last year, and are thick as thieves; sometimes they're going to get married, sometimes they're brother and sister, always their love for each other is fierce.

This wasn't a Halloween-inspired photo session. Jacob isn't even dressing up as Spiderman for Halloween (he's a clown, as is his dad, Ruby is a lion, Susan is the ring master. Seriously, this family is rad.) Spiderman came to the photo session because Jake is almost always at work, and on this day, he was working as a super hero. The first time I picked him up from school for an after school play date, he told me in a completely matter-of-fact fashion that he was employed by the Coast Guard as a deep sea diver, it was hard work but he got to be in the water all day so it was alright; he used to be a fire fighter but he was fired after he was found eating mac-n-cheese when he was supposed to be suiting up for a fire. He had really let his coworkers down. Oh man, get this kid going on his coworkers and you'll be entertained for hours. When he's working as a super hero he has a coworker named Medical Pants. She wears no pants, but you can't tell when she's flying. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. But Jacob can. And boy do we love him for it.

And Ruby. Oh Ruby. The first time I saw her face, and those eyes, I knew I was going to have to get her in front of my camera. She's as feisty as her brother is imaginative, with just the right amount sass to go along with that darling face. She's rarely seen without at least one baby in her arms ('not sure how we ended up without any at the photo session) and she doesn't tolerate any guff from the big kids. She's one of those kids you just want to scoop up eat when you see her, but you learn quickly that she's much tougher than those sweet curls imply. You've got to work a little to earn Ruby's trust, and that's just as it should be.

I'll spare you the additional paragraphs about the parents, because I think you can tell by these images, and just how incredible their kids are, that they're doing this parenting thing just right. I feel pretty dang lucky to have them not just as clients but as friends too.

xo, PQ