hazel and george

If George had his way, his sister would be called Baby Burger; thankfully his parents have known for years that her name would be Hazel. I'm alternating between calling her Baby Fauxhawk and Baby Fuzzhead. I mean, SHE'S SO FUZZY! Alright, I'll try to calm down, but thing is, Kristine is one of my nearest and dearest, and we had our first babies around the same time, and I took photos of George at 2 days old in the hospital, and I'm just SO EXCITED that Hazel is finally here.

But not as excited as George. That boy was born to be a big brother, rocking the same big-bro t-shirt two days in a row, bouncing with excitement, and climbing all over whoever was holding Hazel. Sure he pouted a little during my visits, but only because I asked him to let me take some photos without him in them. I know, I'm so mean. He was right there when she cried, telling her "it's okaaaayyyy" in the sweetest little big brother voice, pressing her little button nose, changing her diaper for the first time like a champ, and proudly holding her on his lap for their first photo as a family of four. If my heart was skipping beats, I can't even imagine what their parents must have been feeling. Their parents. So fun to think my friends finally have the set of siblings they've been dreaming about for years.

xo, PQ

hospital session

Keli called me somewhere around 20 weeks into her pregnancy and cried over the phone as she described what she wanted from me: to capture the moment her daughter, Olivia, sees her new sibling for the first time. No big deal right? I acted all nonchalant, yeah yeah, of course I can do that. Because I knew I could do it, if all the stars aligned. But hospital rooms don't always have the greatest light, and you know, I was going to have to time it just right so that I got there before Olivia and her dad got there, and station myself in place, with good light and a cooperative newborn (and no interference from hospital staff) just at the right moment. I was pretty sure there was NO WAY it was all going to come together, but I was also quite certain I wanted it to, so I had to try. And uh, well, the stars freaking aligned people. I mean, right?!

Welcome to the world, Severin Wilder. Though undoubtedly there will be days your sister complains about your existence, know this, you were extremely well loved by her from the first moment she saw you. I feel so lucky to have been there to witness it and capture that love for your family. If only I had been able to record the sweet things she said to you; the soundtrack to this scene as it played out was entirely tear-worthy.

xo, PQ