liz, emme, & edward

The evening before this session Liz and Emme attended a memorial service for Liz's best friend, Emme's "uncle" Edward, who had passed away suddenly and far too young. Edward loved plaid, especially Burberry, and he was never without a hat on his head (usually of the fedora style). I didn't know Edward, but these are the things I gleaned about him during my time with Liz and Emme on this evening. That, and that he was very much loved. The plaid buttons Liz and Emme wore for our session were made by one of Edward's friends in tribute to him, and distributed at his service. I wasn't sure if Liz would be comfortable with our session falling the day after Edward's memorial, but she felt good about moving forward and I'm so glad she did; I was concerned there would be too much sadness at our session to capture the joy and playfulness between this mother-daughter team. As it turned out the night prior had been one of celebrating a wonderful man, and these two carried that into our session, and in part brought Edward with them. It was beautiful to witness and I feel so lucky to have been able to capture these memories and this time for them.

xo, PQ