the gray gang announce: now we are six!

There are six Grays in these photos.

Tiffany, Shanon, Memphis, Odessa, and Raleigh are thrilled to be adding another location to their family map! And I could not be more honored to be spreading the big news right here on my blog. I have loved watching this family grow in the almost-five years I've known them, and I am so excited to witness and document more of their change.

We hit The Island this weekend for the Gray's annual fall photo session - there are many more gorgeous images to come- Tiffany thought up this cute idea for announcing their pregnancy, and well, how could I not get down with this?! So dear loved ones of this gorgeous gang, in case the photos and words have not already made it abundantly clear, here's the official announcement: come March there's gonna be a new Gray in town!