Lucy & Noor :: Portland, Oregon Child Photographer

These girls who love to "model" instantly forgot me once they spotted a little frog
I love it when this happens. 
Hello Laura Ingalls Wilder (okay, maybe I mean Melissa Gilbert!)
The photo above is Noor hamming it up; the one below is simply Noor.  Swoon. 
This here is a proper portrait for the grandparents.  
And this one, this one is Lucy and Noor being themselves.
I cannot tell you how much I adore these girls.
An outsider might think Noor looks unhappy in the two photos below, but I will tell you, this is where I most accurately captured this enchanting girl.  I think her parents will back me up here. 
My favorite, by far (above).  If I titled my photos (which I don't) this one would simply read: Twins.