two thousand fourteen, with you

77 sessions 10 cities 5 states 34,500 frames (approximately) 385 kisses (at least) 237 family members 12 new babies; 12 ice cream cones 10 tacos 9 donuts 2 lollypops 1 candy cane and >100 smarties consumed; 5 guitars strummed 3 tractor rides 2 ears pierced 1 father-son karaoke rendition of Ring of Fire, more noses picked than I'd like to remember, and an infinite amount of LOVE. 2014 made my head spin in the absolute best way, and it wouldn't have been what it was without all of these incredible people trusting me to capture their real beauty and true love. xo, PQ Posy Quarterman Photography,

Posy Quarterman Photography,