I only want Posy to take my picture. NOVA ROSE, AGE 2

I have never been delivered a more real set of images that display all that I feel inside, all that I work for every day and all that I stand for. It's a struggle, it’s real and you showed me that all the work I do, everything I work toward is worth it! You will be my motivation in my health, spiritual life and my thoughts. Because what you showed me is that in difficulty and pain, through tears and trial it's all worth it! I have never been given such a beautiful gift! Thank you!  SARA LAZIO, LAZIO IMAGES

Posy is the truest form of Home. The second she came through the door I felt like we needed to belly up and tell each other all our secrets. My kids immediately were engaged with her magical essence and funny ways of inspiring greatness in them. Our photos captured their silliness and heart and the love between us. I just wish I had Posy in my pocket at every turn to capture the highs and lows of it all. We love you thanks. KERI JONES

If you want heart achingly beautiful photographs of your family you need to book Posy. Her candid approach and gentle way of working with both children and camera shy adults results in honest photographs of family life. As a photographer myself, I was drawn to her creative eye, use of light and unique story telling pictures and she did not disappoint with our session. I am moved every time I look at the photographs she took of us and I will always be grateful for the way she sought out our family's spirit and showed it to us in all its imperfect beauty. POLLY GEAL, LITTLE KIN PHOTOGRAPHY

I can't say enough good things about working with Posy. From the second she greeted us, we were comfortable. I was most concerned about my 2 year old, and how she'll handle the session and Posy made it look so easy... she kept my kids interacted with each other, and with us. It all went down so naturally and playfully. Looking at the pictures now, I can remember how we laughed and played together as a family. I'll cherish these pictures for ever, and I know my kids will too. I highly recommend working with Posy. She's a true professional in every sense. I'll work with her any day. ADELE CABANILLAS

Posy’s gift is in her ability to see and capture people exactly as they are. We did an at-home session with her and it was remarkably natural, seamless, and fun. We’ll treasure the images for a lifetime, and so much of it is because Posy took the time to get to know us before she ever set foot in our house, and then went on to capture us completely in our element. The photos she took represent the very essence of our family, and we’ll be forever grateful for that. MALLORY STEVENS 

Miss PQ is not a photographer. She does not simply take pictures. She documents the breadth of experience and emotion that is family. This does not limit her to our traditional definition of that word mind you. It simply means that she captures, in the most honest and exquisite way, the expression of love, of intimacy, of strength and of all the fierceness it takes to live a life well. Thank you for capturing those deepest sparks of what makes us who we are and handing them back to me with images that always remind me of what matters most. ANYA GORDON

Thank you for so miraculously and perfectly capturing the spirit of our family. These photos are a perfect reminder that we are just fine, and absolutely perfect thank you very much, exactly the way we are. I love that you captured that, not anything about who we are trying to be. For me, and for our kids, these will serve as a wonderful reminder to be just exactly who we each are. My friend has a hysterical amazing boyfriend who is always telling her "you do you, girl, you do you." Thanks for capturing the spirit of us doing us. MEG DRYER 

After spending just ten minutes with Posy, I felt like I'd known her my whole life. It's a rare feeling, and one I don't take lightly. A photo session with her feels much the same way. Like spending time with someone who sees the real you. Totally effortless. She makes everyone feel (and look) beautiful, exactly as they are. Thank you, Posy.  My family is so lucky to have these photos and you in our lives. ANDREA BARNETT

Posy is so aligned with the chemistry of people especially the sacred relationship between a mother and their child. She truly knows how to capture the moment without providing annoying tips or direction which can easily spoil the energy of a photo session; if she gives guidance it is always with purpose and grace. Posy is incredibly easy to work with because she has the amazing ability to connect with such a large variety of people and their needs. The pictures of my daughter took my breath away; they allowed me to view this little soul in a whole new light and that is a beautiful thing...and a pure testament to one talented photographer. Thank you, Posy - thank you for being you and working with us and our expectations. TIFFANY GRAY, @THEGRAYGANG 

Simply put, Posy has a way with people big and small. Though I am typically very uncomfortable in front of a camera, I really wanted to preserve the memory of my recent pregnancy. Thanks to Posy’s easy-going approach to photography, my shy three year old and I were both able to thoroughly enjoy being photographed. And we were completely thrilled with the results- she really caught us in our element... We will cherish these photos for our whole lives. CHRISTY HALL 

I cannot say enough about how amazing Posy is! Not only is she amazing, but her photography is breathtaking. I found Posy simply by searching photographer websites and her photos stood out to me- then she happened to be the quickest and easiest person to communicate with. She was so accommodating with the whole process. We have not had photos since our wedding, so obviously we were nervous- but Posy did a wonderful job and we are in love with the end result. The photo package you get is above and beyond what I would have expected. I cannot wait to work with her again! Thank you Posy! RANDI NORTON

 As a fellow photographer I'm super choosy when selecting a photographer for my family. Posy exceeded my expectations and I cannot tell you how happy the gallery wall of our photos makes me every single day. She created exactly what I was looking for in capturing my family in a relaxed and authentic way that I will treasure all the more as my kids grow and change. Do not hesitate to trust your family memory making to Posy's talents! KELLY BOWIE, KCB PHOTOGRAPHY

 We will treasure our photos forever. I don't feel great about my daughters growing up so fast(what mom doesn't want to freeze time?) but seeing how Posy captured this amazing point in our lives puts my mind at ease, knowing in the years to come we can always look back and see it so clearly in our photos. We are so grateful for Posy's talent! KELLY OLMSTEAD

 We absolutely loved our family photos from Posy! My husband is not a huge fan of getting his picture taken and my daughter was just over 2 at the time and very active. There was barely a shot that came back that we didn't love! It's been a few months now and we're still choosing more to print and frame for the house. I love Posy's eye for outdoor shots and natural lighting, everything turned out just gorgeous. I would highly recommend Posy to anyone looking for affordable portraits, especially if you love natural light photographs. STEPHANIE PATRICK

I simply cannot sing Posy's praises enough! She has photographed my daughter three times in the past year and I am always amazed to see the beautiful images she has captured. They are not cookie cutter photos and truly capture the unique personality of my child and our family. She is not only incredibly talented, but also a joy to work with! She is very patient and flexible, which is important when working with children! I know I will treasure our photos for a lifetime. I would recommend Posy to anyone! EMILY STOCKDALE

Over and over again, Posy has captured the absolute essence and energy of my son in the most beautiful photographs. I have watched her coax the whirling dervish into stillness at exactly the right moment, only to then elicit the heartbreaking grin that makes her pictures so special. I cherish these photographs, and because I have been able to reprint as many of them as I want, as often as I want, so does my extended family. I promise you will not be disappointed. JENNIFER EUDY

Posy is an absolute joy. Not only can she photograph beautiful moments with my reluctant children, but also crazy moments with my spotlight-loving husband (Mo Phillips)! If I could have her follow us around and capture every quiet and noisy moment of our lives I would. She takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary with the click of a button. KATE PHILLIPS 

I love the bond between mother and child more than any...its fierce beauty stops me EVERY TIME. Thank you to the amazing Posy for gifting us with capturing our deepest loves...our babies. SHANE KENNEDY 

Utah Phillips says, "Time is an enormous, long river. And I am standing in it just as you are standing in it." Time is what's floating past us now. And now. And now. And now... Photos, especially real and true photos, hold that up for us to embrace. Your photos catch the glint of the ripples as the current moves past. And through your photography, you manage to somehow screen out anything that's pretentious or manufactured - You have a remarkably honest eye. RYAN DEIBERT

We love Posy!!! We hired her for our daughter's first birthday party and it was the best decision we made. Not only did she take AMAZING photos, but she also helped me keep my cool when our other daughter locked us out of our house and threatened to make us late to our own party. Posy stepped right up and gave us a ride to the party while she stayed professional, calm, and collected. At the party she was right there taking all the photos I would have taken. She photographed so many great moments at the party and helped us capture so many great memories. This will not be the last time we call Posy!...oh, and it wasn't the first either! AUTUMN LAPOUR