Born in Staten Island, NY, and raised in Portland, Oregon, Posy Quarterman is what happens when art meets hustle. She has been photographing people since her grandmother gave her a polaroid camera for Christmas at the age of 10. After art school in NYC, she returned to Portland (despite hating the rain), and turned that passion into a thriving family photography business. Not many photographers find harmony in the space where business and art collide, but Posy is not most photographers. There is show and there is substance. If "authentic" has become nothing more than an internet buzzword, then Posy wants to reclaim it. She is not interested in fanfare or bullshit. She is interested in people, teaching, dancing, good coffee, and ultimately, telling people's stories with truth and heart.  In addition to photography, her clients, and her newfound love of teaching, Posy enjoys her husband, her firecracker of a 10 year old daughter, the Oregon Coast, dangly earrings, a good puttanesca, and being referred to as a magician.

Because Posy is not entirely comfortable talking about herself in the third person, the words here were composed by Andrea Lampman.