(hey photographers, you know that thing where you don't realize until it's too late that your camera bag was in the frame? yeah, that.)

Andrew gazed from his crib at the mobile his papa brought back from a recent trip to Thailand,  then he showed me some of his tiny infant smiles; we went outside where he squawked at the birds up in the trees, or maybe he was telling us that he needed a little food and sleep, so we went back into their home where Andrew promptly fell asleep in mama's arms, to the astonishment of his parents who insisted he never falls asleep while nursing. Nor does he sleep in the living room, apparently, but there he was fast asleep on the couch as we all sat around watching him. Sleeping babies are just so fascinating. I remember watching Franny as she slept, mesmerized by her little features, and her whole human beingness. I would watch her sleep and think, she was just in my belly, I made her, she's mine, she's a person, she'll be an adult some day, and other overwhelming and complex hormones-surging thoughts.  Oh but we were talking about Andrew, sweet sleepy Andrew who gave me plenty of time to catch that sleeping-babe-look from every angle. He woke up ready for a little snuggling from mom and dad, and then I was on my way. Another lovely session with a new family; my heart is full.