I had four shoots this weekend, my toes are cold, I have a cold, and the coffee hasn't fully kicked in yet, so forgive me for not saying much more than I wish I woke up as cheerful as Logan does. Oh and I wish the sun was shining the way it did that day. In fact, I wish it was summer all year round, but I know many of you true Oregonians don't feel that way. Do I sound ungrateful? I'm SO not, I promise! Just a little chilly and a lot tired! I know that  I am incredibly lucky that a very busy weekend for me means hanging out with super cool families, witnessing and capturing their love, making time stand still, and making memories while we do. I am so thankful for that, and for the follow up emails from parents reporting that their kids want to know when I'm coming back for more play dates, or have asked things like "can Posy babysit me?"  and reports of inspired mock-photo-sessions after our visits.  But see now I am dangerously approaching the not-fully-functioning-brain nonsensical ramblings that I am accustomed to so I'll zip it and bid you a happy Monday, and a week filled with bursts of sunshine and snuggle sessions!

xo, PQ