happy place

Remember how I said at the beginning of this year that my goal was to be a better blogger? Though I've felt like I have indeed accomplished that goal, nothing has made me feel better about it than the private messages and comments I have received from blog followers and clients. This was especially true when Karissa told me during our recent session that this here blog is her "happy place." Sigh; though I wasn't exactly sure what my mission was at the beginning of 2012, beyond blogging more often, I'm gonna go ahead and say mission accomplished.

I am once again struck by the desire to say all the right words about  this amazing family who I have documented and built a relationship with over the last three years. I want to tell you about how Campbell Rose was itty bitty the last time I saw her, and how this time she straight up bossed me around, and made funny faces for my camera; and about how Chase made his own camera out of paper, with paper photos that came out of it all Polaroid-style (I know!!!), and how Karissa and Steve are so dang sweet that I have a hard time leaving when it's time to say goodbye. But what I really want to say is more general to all of you amazing people who invite me into your lives and homes: YOU are my happy place. I could not let this month of gratitude pass by without thanking you; your trust  in me fuels my flame. THANK YOU.

Sometimes writing this blog can feel a little like talking to myself; I have to pretend that the hundreds of you who come here each week are my friends and are laughing (or crying) right along with me. Because while I know that you do indeed come by the hundreds, I don't hear a peep out of most of you. And that is fine, I was a silent blog reader for years. It wasn't until I invested more time and energy into this blog that I realized how nice it is to receive feedback. I have talked about being a feedback junky in the past, I completely recognize this flaw in myself, I just don't care. Ha! Ahem, anyway, I certainly don't blame you for not commenting, I have pretty much talked AT you for this last year, so I'm going to make a better attempt to incorporate YOU into this space more. In return I'll ask that if you are so inclined (and please stick around if you're not, I still know you're there) tell me this: where's YOUR happy place?

xo, PQ

a little "PS" just for Karissa: look how your strong-willed girl snuck crocs into the photos right at the end!