bicycle built for three

HofmannBlog_001HofmannBlog_002HofmannBlog_003HofmannBlog_004HofmannBlog_005HofmannBlog_006HofmannBlog_007HofmannBlog_008HofmannBlog_009HofmannBlog_010HofmannBlog_011HofmannBlog_012HofmannBlog_013HofmannBlog_014HofmannBlog_015HofmannBlog_016HofmannBlog_017HofmannBlog_018HofmannBlog_019HofmannBlog_020HofmannBlog_021HofmannBlog_022HofmannBlog_023HofmannBlog_024HofmannBlog_025HofmannBlog_026HofmannBlog_027 Just when I thought it couldn't get much better than a session that included meeting good friends at my favorite park in my own neighborhood on a sunny September evening, out roll the bikes, one with an xtra-special xtracycle for their twins, and well right then and there my evening was made. Oh and we went for gelato afterwards, so yeah, this was I'd call a stellar sesh start to finish.

xo, PQ