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chickens, worm wood, and a hedgehog sweater


Last night I went to bed at 8:30; after weeks of working until midnight and getting up with Miss F before six, well I've been really dang tired. So tired that my dad recently referred to my under-eyes as raccoon-like. Nice, huh? Anyway, none of that has ANYTHING to do with these lovely photos (except that last frame reads lazy Sunday morning, no?). I'm not even sure why I told you any of that, except that we're having a lazy Sunday morning around here, and even though blogging really doesn't feel like "work" I'm not going to say much with this post. Except that I fell in love with these peeps, as is my way, and I'm so excited that Lesley loved the results of our time together, and we're already planning next year's session. Oh and I inspired Olivia to ask Santa for a camera this year, which I think is pretty cool. And Mason's sparkling eyes and giant smile made me swoon. And Alec's love of worm wood and his Mr. Rooter rug (totally not pictured!) made me giggle. Also I'm fairly sure Lesley and I have a margarita date in our future, and I think that's pretty cool too... But now Franny is putting together a 100 piece map of the world puzzle, and I smell coffee and bacon, so I'll be on my Sunday way. I hope your home is warm, your kids are cheerful, and your breakfast plate is full of goodness. xo, PQ
PS- How can I not mention that hedgehog sweater?! I can't decide if I wish I'd bought one for Franny,or if I wish it came in my size. Maybe both, and then we could be silly sweater twinsies. Happy Sunday, ya'llz!