you, at home, doin' your thang.

November in Portland... well, it can give you plenty to complain about. It's often dreadfully gray and wet for days on end, with a chill that when added to that dampness can go straight to the bone. But the awesome thing about this time of year is it often forces us to skip the wild adventures around town and instead we stay home, your home, where we do everyday things like playing on the floor with blocks, reading stories in bed, mixing up a batch of granola, maybe have a little tea party with your daughter's favorite doll, and, you know, get our fingers messy in the art studio. Oh you don't have a naturally lit art studio in your home?  Well that's okay, I'm quite sure you've got something that is totally YOU and therefore perfect for your family photos. But Mara here is an artist, and granola chef, so we incorporated those things into their family session.

What I love most about capturing your at-home moments is the idea that when your children grow up they will have these photos of themselves in the home they grew up in, doing the things they grew up doing. Whether it's ring-around-the-rosy in your living room, laughing around a big pink box of donuts on Sunday morning, making waffles with Dad, or dumping wiffle balls down your staircase, it's what you do as a family and what your children will remember. And that's a mighty special thing to be invited into. (Where's the emoticon for warm squishy feelings? [insert here please].)

One thing I need to say about these folks before I wrap this up: they were lovely, like super nice, and easy going lovely, and when I called that adorable bouncing bubbly girl of theirs Elizabeth when her name is totally and completely KATHARINE they didn't even bat an eyelash at my serious faux pas. And for that, I love them a little extra.
xo, PQ