the westwoods: bubble up. kiss. crush.


The Breyer Horses Hannah played with as a child. The swing in Ryan's playroom. Miso the cat. The family music room.  Hannah's dad, gone but oh so present.  The Westwood skipping path. Chad's love for his girls. Oh yeah, and did somebody say retro sodas and rootbeer floats? Dang that was a fun at-home session!
Although I know I shouldn't be, I am compelled to tell you that the moment when Ryan reached up and hugged on her dada just under the picture of her mama doing the same to her own father, well that one just happened. It's true I hollered out for them to hold it so I could throw myself on the floor and capture it. But how could I not? It's one of those things that would have felt cheesy if I'd created it, but when it happened on it's own, well that was a magical moment right there.
xo, PQ