Cora and Soren

Soren , 3, loves dinosaurs and can do a wicked t-rex screech. He also loves monsters, construction equipment, garbage trucks and bad guys.

Cora, 2, is her brother's chubby, beautiful, fiesty little shadow. Sweet Girl loves crackers, grapes, her rabbit and her blanket.

Mama Kristine is an attorney who works hard and loves these kids fiercely. The above information about her kids I received from her prior to our session, but the mama love part, well that was just clear the minute I walked in the door.

All three love to laugh, but I suppose that is pretty clear as well.

If I started every blog post the way I wanted to, I'd say: Man, I loved these guys! I guess I'm just ridiculously lucky to have such great clients time and again. This family was no exception. Loved them. Had tons of fun. They made me feel, once again, crazy fortunate to get to do what I love, and love it oh so much.