strike up the band!

Three summers ago I was enjoying the St Johns Jazz Festival with my family, when I glanced over and saw a cute little girl running around in the grass, while her brand new baby sister snuggled with their mama. I don't now what possessed me, but I casually introduced myself and handed them my business card. This was uncharacteristically bold of me. Nearly three years, and three photo sessions later, I am so grateful I mustered up an extra dose of bravery that Jazz-filled day. As you can see, we made music of our own during our most recent session. We also played dress up, read stories, predicted future careers (hello hairdresser!), gave lots of kisses and only pouted a little.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and again, and again): man it feels awesome building relationships with families over time, and capturing their littles as they grow.  Thank you, Angie, Dave, Evelina, Johanna, and George, for inviting me into your world again. xo, PQ