everett at home

Wednesdays are my stay-at-home-mom days, the one and only day of the week that I am supposed to be Mom and not Posy Quarterman, Photographer. Except that I work for myself and I'm a bit of a task master, so I'm basically always working. Last week Franny said "Don't you wish you didn't have to work Mama? Don't you wish you could just play with me all the time and not work?!" I felt like it was a trick question - I love my work - but I'll admit that it hurt a little to hear her version of it. It was the same week we registered for Kindergarten (don't even get me started, I've got mascara on so we're just not going there right now), so I resolved that Wednesdays would be all about us days, fun days filled with Franny chosen activities. But, then, you know, she asked to watch an hour of T.V. this afternoon, and here I sit. I'm not even sure why I'm telling you all of this. Maybe you can relate? The balance of work and personal, parenting and everything else, it's tough, some days more so than others. And no I'm not complaining, I know I've got it good with four mornings of preschool and what my friend with two kids calls a "luxurious one-child lifestyle," but man that mama-guilt, it can really dig in there deep sometimes. Alright, moving on to something much more awesome: this family seen above. Let me give a loud shout out to these fab new clients of mine because they're awesome. From Everett's bouncing curls, deep brown eyes, and giant smile, to Mo the "diva dog" who is the most patient elderly pet I've ever met. Seriously, girl puts up with a whole lot of toddler "love." Oh and Kevin and Alysia are alright too. Ha! Totally kidding, this whole family was just one big light-filled house of awesomeness and I feel so lucky they found me.

Alysia knows a thing or two about juggling work and parenting, as she has a day job and runs her own business, so here's an extra shout for her - if you're in need of a party planner, or cool party decor, check her out here.

Happy hump day!

xo, PQ