chlöe and the lolas

Mishka, pronounced meeshka: punk rocker, turned raver, turned Burner, turned mama, who also happens to be a circus-trained trapeze artist. Mishka is badass, and I mean that in the best way.

Chlöe Magnolia, named for the flower/tree/symbol of Mississippi, where her mama volunteered after Katrina, and where Chlöe first came into existence. Chlöe loves all things sweet, especially brightly colored macarons and hot chocolate. She is described by her mama as a: sweet, spunky, fun, smart, goofy, loving, bright, cheerful, entertaining, stylish, curly-headed cutie. True dat. Girl has cuteness and spunk galore. I mean, just look at all those expressions she gave me in our two hours together!

The Lolas: three punk rock Bla Bla dolls who are regularly diapered, nursed in true Portland-style (that would be on NE Alberta Street with no shame), and occasionally forced to wear a pair toddler-sized combat boots.

DJ: patient and well-loved cat.

Sometimes clients fall into my world and feel like they've always been there.  Sometimes I need something from a client that I didn't even realize I needed until they give it to me. Sometimes I'm vague because I can't quite describe what it is that I feel. Sometimes I adore a family so much I can't possibly come up with the adequate words for a blog post so I sit and sit on it, until I finally force myself to just sit down and write the blog post knowing full well that the perfectly formed love letter is in my gut, not my head, and my fingers won't ever type it out just right. Sometimes I need to remember that all I really want is to capture is the realness and truth of people, of family, of love. Sometimes I hope the images speak loudly and clearly enough so as to not need the proper words. Sometimes I just have to hit publish and hope you all get it.

xo, PQ