everett wayne


I don't have adequate words for how much I loved this session, this house, this baby, these dogs, this FAMILY. Everett Wayne and his strong armed Houdini-style swaddle escape tactics; Layla and Sonny, their big ears, curious eyes, and snorty snuggles; Adam and  his baby-whispering and dog wrangling skills, love of coffee and beer; Misty and her ease with this whole new motherhood thang, her green eyes and calm smile, and her familiarity  that had me walking away wondering Is she someone famous that I should be recognizing? That front window, those camellia bushes and cherry blossom trees, their movie theater seats on the porch,the  floral curtains, vintage camera, and record player, their comfort with me, as if we were old friends... see I told you, I don't have the right words so I'm just listing all the things that were tumbling around in my head as I drove home from this session all up on Cloud 10 and beyond.

Oooo but it's Wednesday, Franny Day around here, and before her episode of Blue's Clues ends I've got to hi gon this post, so I'll just leave you with my blissed-out ramblings and hope you get me, and don't just click away thinking  I've finally jumped the shark, or more accurately, the unicorn.

xo, PQ