anya and her boys

I've been sitting on this session for months because, once again, I'm without the perfect words; I don't expect perfection from my clients, in fact, we know I don't even want it, but I really strive to conjure the right words for a blog post, and sometimes I let that hold me back. So here I go...

Our first session was rescheduled when Ian fell off a roof. I know. Second session rescheduled because Aidan needed emergency surgery. Third session rescheduled when freezing rain came pelting out of the sky as I approached their home. (Hudson answered the door buck naked and ran around the living room like a wild child and it was really hard not to stay, despite the crap weather.) But for this family, fourth time was the charm. I'm not an "everything happens for a reason" person, it's just not who I am, but Anya and I are a great fit for each other, this session came together just at the right time, and in the two hours I spent with these four, the stars aligned and everything fell into place perfectly (there I go using that damn word again!). Ian's only complaint after seeing the result of our work together? He claimed the photos were inauthentic because no one was crying or tantruming! Ha! I'm all about authenticity, but I'll take that critique. We had too much fun for tears, and miraculously we avoided any major injuries or fights (though Hudson totally swore in front of me, which just made me like this whole family a little more).

When I asked Anya before our session what she wanted her boys to see in our photos when they look at them years down the road, she said this:  I want them to know that their lives were filled with beautiful reality. That people fight and still love, that things get broken and put back together. I want them to see themselves as whole. I want them to see the richness of it all.

I think I need to start letting my clients write my blog posts for me.

xo, PQ