favorite moments captured in 2012

I could type out thank you in every language; I could thesaurus the heck out the word gratitude; I could drive over to your house and bow down at each of your feet (well actually, that would just be weird); none of it would accurately convey the love I feel for those of you who have invited me into your worlds, and trusted me to capture your magic moments. Looking over this year in photos and zeroing in on my favorite moments of yours makes me feel all heart fluttery and bursting with love. Love for you, my clients, my people, YOU made 2012 an incredible year, filled to the brim with unicorns and rainbows. And though it feels inadequate just typing it, please feel the hugs, see the tears of appreciation, and know that I say it with as much love as I have in my heart: THANK YOU!

xo, PQ