favorite franny moments captured in 2012

Our favorite moments of 2012

In January we visited the Chinese Gardens

 In February, Nana visted us.

In March we picked cherry blossoms, and went on outings with friends.

And we said goodbye to an old friend.

 In April we flew East to visit Daddy's old stomping grounds,

and play with "the cousins."

In early 2012 Franny became obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. Here she is, exhausted after walking the length of the  entire National Mall only to discover that the "Honest Ham" statue is too large (and off limits) for lap-sitting. I had no idea she thought she'd be sitting on Abe's lap or I would have prepped her.

My little May Day sprite.

In May we camped in a yurt at Cape Lookout. We made made peanut butter cup s'mores and saw a family of raccoons.

 In June we soaked up some much needed sun with PopPop (my dad) in San Diego.

 Vacation highlight: discovering TWO antique carousels!

 On the 4th of July Franny burned herself with that sparkler while I took a photo of her friend. The end.

 In August we went to Pickathon. It was extremely hot, and even more dirty, and we LOVED it.

We went for the swifts, we stayed for the dry grass sledding. Good times to be had in Portland in September!

In October my girl turned five. FIVE ya'll.

She rode a horse on her fifth birthday, but she was so nervous I wasn't permitted to leave her side to take a good pic. Her favorite part of the day? When that horse blew a booger on me; he must have known I was a mama (ie human snot rag). Good times...

 Also in October, we visited the Pumpkin Patch, I rode the cow train (ouch), and Franny dressed as a flying unicorn (again).

In November we cast our votes for president. Franny got REALLY into the election this year, so I let her vote in the pamphlet. She drew a mustache on her presidential choice and X'd out the rest of the candidates. Voting five-year-old style, peeps.

 On the first day of December I turned 36, the sun shined, and we cut down our Christmas tree. It was a good day for a birthday.

My dad came to visit.

 We made our traditional almond cardamom cookies and gingerbread children.

 We had an AWESOME Christmas.

2012 also brought us new neighbors with small child (yippee!!!). Her name is Stori, and we love her. Oh, and she and Franny just happened to have similar vintage Christmas dresses, so, you know, a photo had to be snapped.

Number 1 gift this year: Sardine, the blabla cat.

Also of note, in 2012 I joined Instagram (a tad late to the party, but oh so glad I'm there). I also, far far behind my peers and just about everyone else, finally got an iPhone (5); I love it more than I've ever loved any little machine. Below is just one recent iPhone capture, edited with the Afterglow app, and shared on IG. If you want to see what Franny and I get ourselves up to everyday, you can follow me there - I'm @posyq.

And Imma call that a wrap!  2012 rocked so hard I'm a little sorry to see it go, but, of course, I'm excited to see what 2013 has in store for us.

Happy new year!

xo, PQ